УДК 316.354
DOI: 10.24411/2413-693X-2018-10211

Sociology of retail enterprises and implementation of their management functions

Irina B. Davydkina*, Cand. Sc. (Social science), Associate Prof.,
Sergej I. Kopylov*, Cand. Sc. (Social science), Associate Prof.,
Irina S. Dmitrieva*, Cand. Sc. (Social science), Associate Prof.,
Sergey A. Kormilin*, Senior Lecturer,

*Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (branch), Volgograd, Russian Federation


The subject of research in this article is the specifics of the functioning of the retail trade institute. The authors’ research object was management and technological processes, systems of social functions and basic dysfunctions, which allow us to speak of retail trade as a significant societal subsystem of society. The article raises the problem of theoretical and methodological foundations of concept development, based on which sociology can effectively and integrally explore the social phenomenology of retail trade, its structure, place and functions in social reality, the principles of impact on social changes of this reality. The relevance of considering this problem is revealed in the light of the active introduction of scientific and technological achievements, the high level of competition in the sphere of trade, the changing demands of the serviced customers and the changing technologies of trade and its impact on society. Analysis of the current state of the trade industry development, the difficulties and contradictions of its functioning will find its practical application in solving the most significant problems of the industry. In this regard, the authors of the article proposed to include the development of the concept of the management process in the problem field of the sociology of retail trade organizations. Along with it the concept of the management process appears to be a special type of economic and social interaction characterized by constant and catholic, systematic forms of relations with consumers (representatives of various strata of the population, households) and suppliers of goods and services. Sociological perspectives of retail enterprises in the management process are based on the study of specialization in the division of functions, occupied economic positions, as well as social results from management decisions made in the process of customer service and evaluation of efficiency and quality of management of trade and technological processes.

Keywords: retail enterprises, sociology of management, management function, consumers, suppliers of goods and services

For citation: Davydkina I. B., Kopylov S.I., Dmitrieva I.S., Kormilin S.A., Sociology of retail enterprises and implementation of their management functions. Servis plus, vol. 12, no. 2, 2018, pp. 99-108. (In Russ.) DOI: 10.24411/2413-693X-2018-10211

Received on 2018/04/25

Approval to print on 2018/05/25



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