УДК 338.465.4
DOI: 10.22412/1993-7768-11-3-3

Systematic approach to improving the service quality of tourists’ transportation with motor transport

Natal’ya B. Moskaleva, Cand. Sci. (Economic), Associate Prof.,,
Anatolii M. Babich, Dr. Sci. (Economic), Prof.
Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Moscow, Russian Federation

The article studies the problems of improving the service quality of tourists’ transportation with motor transport. The category of these services in the tourism product includes: transfer; transportation of tourists on routes of short, medium and long distances; excursions by motor transport. Analyzing the experience of foreign and domestic scientists, the authors conclude that there was nit any targeted research in this direction in the post-Soviet period. The article presents the main methods and research results of tour operators (travel agents) and transfer companies’ role in ensuring the quality of services in the process of tourists’ transportation. The authors develop the methodology for improving the quality of tourist services to the population using motor transport, which includes: definition of service quality indicators. An important feature of some service quality indicators for tourists is that they not only reflect a certain quality feature, but at the same time affect the quality level, increasing or lowering it.

The methodology helps to identify and analyze the factors influencing the quality level of tourist services with the use of motor transport; the most significant factors of impact, forms of their manifestation.

The methodology includes recommendations to tour operators on the choice of the most convenient transfer company and a technique for monitoring the behavior, physical condition of drivers, technical condition of vehicles. The developed methods of improving the quality of tourist services provided by motor transport can improve the quality of tourist services, reduce the number of tourists falling into traffic accidents caused by transfer companies and host companies, working with tour operators.

Keywords: tour operator, travel agent, transfer company, service quality, tourist services to the population, motor transport
For citations: Moskaleva N.B., Babich A.M. Systematic approach to improving the service quality of tourists’ transportation with motor transport. Servis plus, vol. 11, no. 3, 2017, pp. 21-30. DOI: 10.22412/1993-7768-11-3-3
Submitted: 2017/05/30
Accepted: 2017/06/26


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