DOI: 10.22412/1993-7768-11-1-2


Nadezhda A. Keshchyan, PhD (Cand. Sc.) in Economics, Associate professor, Sochi State University, Sochi, Russian Federation. E-mail:

Anna O. Balabanova, Sochi State University, Sochi,
Russian Federation. E-mail:

The article examines regional management of development of rural tourism in the Krasnodar region, the ways of its implementation, outlines the main directions of state and municipal regulation of development of rural tourism. Authors study normative work of the regional authorities in the sphere of support of rural tourism development, and regional and municipal target programs. The article discusses how to implement support for scientific research in the field of rural tourism and training. They determine the type of the state policy of Krasnodar region in the field of rural tourism. The authors analyze the results of a survey which was conducted in the summer of 2016 among the guests of Sochi. The results of the survey shows that 57% of respondents got familiar with this direction of travel, and only 63% of this part of the respondents heard about the objects of ru- ral tourism in the Krasnodar region, mainly wine tours, fishing and excursions to the apiary. Others 43% were unable to answer the question, what is rural tourism. The article notes that the situation, when the majority of the population unfamiliar with the concept of rural tourism or does not understand the capabilities and types of this rest affects the process of tourism development. This complicates the sales and thus the development of rural tourism in the region. The authors note the role of the availability of clear information about the objects of rural tourism, as well as lack of information on implemented projects by regional and municipal authorities, including tools that could have a significant impact on the growth of this market. The essential solution for the
development of rural tourism will be the creation of an interactive information platform focused on all partici- pants in this process that can be implemented in the framework of the regional target program.

Keywords: rural tourism, agricultural tourism, region, Krasnodar region, legislation, regional governance, municipal management, agriculture


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