DOI: 10.22412/1993-7768-10-4-10


Mikhail F. Prokhorov, PhD (Dr. Sc.) in History, Professor,
Russian State University of Tourism and Service, Moscow, Russian Federation

The article discusses the formation after the revolution and Civil war in 20-30-ies of XX century in the town of Moscow region called Kuntsevo and the surrounding areas, which were the center of culture and leisure of the creative intellectuals as writers, poets, literary critics. The author turns out the circumstances of their stay in these places, the attitude towards Kuntsevo landscape and nature, the people of the town. The author opens the subject of the reflection in the intellectuals’ works of sights in Kuntsevo. There are specific examples from the personal lives of figures of literature and culture related to Kuntsevo surroundings, their joint meet¬ings, conversations, collective and individual recreation. Special attention is paid to their way of life, family situation, daily life and destiny. E. Bagritsky, A. Gaidar, V. Shalamov, P. Vasiliev lived in Kuntsevo places after the revolution. V. Lugovskoy, M. Gorky, M. Koltsov, P. Zamojski, M. Tsvetaeva and many other repre¬sentatives of the literary environment came there. The article reflects the emergence of new literary cadres of young people working in local factories, the creation of their literary societies and the manifestation of the keen interest in literature. Creative working youth, as a rule, were formed in the folk clubs and palaces of culture. Such clubs existed in almost all Kuntsevo enterprises of pre-revolutionary period as well as enterprises created in the years of industrialization. Special popularity was gained by the clubs “Precepts of Ilyich” and “Dawn” (Vorovskoi club). The study examines the participation of youth in dramatic and literary societies and their meetings with Soviet writers and poets: L. Seifullina, A. Serafimovich, A. Zharov, K. Paustovsky. Articles of working journalists were often published on the pages of factory newspapers. These Kuntsevo societies were the mother-land of famous poets as V. Bagritskyand S. Smirnov.

Keywords: job clubs, Kuntsevo, literary societies, writers, poets

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Prokhorov M.F. Literary places of Kuntsevo in the 20—30s of XX century, Servis plus, Vol. 10, no. 4, 2016, рр. 75-83 (In Russ).
DOI: 10.22412/1993-7768-10-4-10.
Received 06 July 2016.