Service plus 2018 № 3


Palii V. L., Sevastyanov D. V., Fomenko V. G. The modern state of tourist-recreational sector of the Moldovan Transnistrian region and prospects of its development

Suslova I. A., Lustina T. N., Panova A. G. State and formation trends of gastronomic tourism elements in Russia

Okhotina N. M. Development of rural tourism in the Republic of Mari El

Irinina O. I., Zemskova, M. S. The organization of catering and accommodation in gastrotourism and agro-tourism: regional features

Spatar’-Kozachenko T. I., Morozan O. V., Petrienko N. S. Current problems of staff training in the sphere of tourism and hospitality in Russia and abroad


Danilova V. A., Litvinova E. V. Regulation of the consumer market of regional municipalities of the Moscow region

Oborin M. S., Frolova N. V., Makarova E. M. Modeling of investments in environmental protection

Selezneva I. G., Suhova A. S., Lyasina I. U. The influence of economic growth on the level and quality of  the population’s life


Shherbakova N. V., Obojmova N. T. Forming service strategies of consumer loyalty on catering

Dzhandzhugazova E. A., Kabelkaite-Vaitkiene Yu. A. Hotel business transformation in the context of Russia’s emerging digital economy

Kosarskaya E. S. To the question of the typologization of animation service

Chernyakova S. A. Legal characteristic of the sphere of rendering information services in Russia


Pokrovskaya E. M., Raitina M. Yu., Ilyukhina G. I. Communicative aspect of cross-cultural interaction regulation in the context of education environment of High School

Karpov E. A. Implementation of the concept of ideal property as a factor of improving the protection effectiveness of the proprietor’s right


Demina E. N., Dzhavid O. S. Accompanying accommodation as a new service for people with disabilities: literature review


Lapshin I. Y. A Review on «English Travelers in the Moscow State in XVI Century»


Service plus 2018 № 2


Tankieva T. A., Ponomareva M.V., Korolev A.V., Problems and prospects of ecological tourism development in Tula region

Zhukov P.V., Morozova O.N., Shkuropat S.G., Modern problems and development tendencies of water tourism in St. Petersburg

Matveeva L. D., Kotova T. P., Lebedev A. I., Khisamutdinova A. F., The Problem of Museumification of Industrial Heritage of the South Urals

Butorov S.A., International image of Russia and its influence on tourist activity

Oborin M.S., Shostak M.A., Process approach to improving the management mechanism of hospitality in Russia and the Republic of Crimea

Rassokhina T.V., Technology for monitoring sustainable development of tourist destinations through the assessment of management and status indicators

Karpova G.A., Tkachev V.A., Dolzhenko D.E., Methodological approaches to determining the multiplicative effect of interregional tourist projects

Pogrebova E.S., Glinkina E.V., Kozlovskii A.A., Complex assessment of foreign tourists’ satisfaction level with quality of tourist services in Moscow

Khwaja A.N., Specificity of trans-border tourism clusters in a post-conflict region


Dyshlovoi I.N., Lukianenko V.A., Analysis and improvement of models of economic security assessment of enterprise

Davydkina I. B., Kopylov S.I., Dmitrieva I.S., Kormilin S.A., Sociology of retail enterprises and implementation of their management functions

Lassi M.Yu., Development of the directions of competitiveness increase of tourist services on the regional market based on the modified technique of «Regional tourism competitiveness index (RTCI) » (by example of Irkutsk region)


Demina E.N., Portova L.Z., Dzhavid O.S., Khodiakova T.V., Work organization of rental centers with technical means of rehabilitation for disabled and disabled children


Vetoshkina Iu. V., Mokhova K.N., Playing guidebook as a new tool in museum practice (by example of Perm)

Rassadin B.I. From knowledge to art


Taranenko E.A., Culture of service and quality of service in Russia

Tiunchik A. M., Sociocultural and foreign policy aspects of Nicholas II’s visit to Romania in 1914.


Service plus 2018 № 1


Chirkov D.K., Chirkova Yu.B. «Shady» business in tourism and economic security of Russia

Rassadin B.I. Development of tourism in Russia and financial possibilities of the population

Rostom G.R. An integrated assessment of tourist resources of Zadonsk district of Lipetsk region

Lustina T.N., Panova A.G. The use of modern staff technologies in the hospitality industry (by the example of Moscow hotels)

Oborin M.S. Sustainable development of agricultural tourism based on the use of the potential of rural areas


Zaernyuk V.M., Filimonova N.N. Econometric forecasting of the influence of production factors on the cost price reduction of a product

Lavrenchenko S.A., Zgonnik L.V. Substantiation of a method for monitoring and controlling electricity consumption

Vershinina O.V., Filimonova N.N., Moskvitin G.I. Modern aspects of the investment climate in Russia


Butova T.G., Yakovleva E.Yu., Danilina E.P., Zhilnikova M.Yu. Assessment of medical service quality in the context of  changing industrial statutory and legal regulations

Morozov M.A., Morozova N.S. Development of the digital service economy and its impact on the labor market


Сhernysheva T.L. Particularities of organizational culture of a flagship university

Rybakova I.A. Concept of time in the philosophical concepts of Aristotle and Hegel and their connection with the quantum theory


Service plus 2017 № 4


Il’kevich S.V., Strömberg P. The redevelopment of industrial areas into new tourist attractions in Russia: factors of projects’ success

Prokhorov M.F. Tourism resources of Moscow (by the example of the West administrative district)

Pecheritsa E.V. Problems and prospects of tourism clusters in the regions of the Northwestern Federal district

Vapnyarskaya O.I. Development of intercultural communication in tourism

Sarancha M.A., Ochkasova I.S. The situation of the tourism route network and programs on ecological issues in Irkutsk oblast

Vishnyakov N.V., Zelenskaya O.Yu., Semenova D.A., Anuchina N.A. Methodical foundations of active tourism development in the small bend of the Don


Gvarliani T.E., Oborin M.S., Saryan A.A. Problems of formation of budget expenditures in the conditions of deficit budgets


Kochetkova E.N., Trusova S.V. The development of small business in the sphere of consumer market and services as a factor of economic growth (on materials of the Republic of Khakassia)

Shamkova N.T., Novikov A.A., Maksimova V.I. Service “master class” as an effective method of merchandising in the restaurant industry

Sheleketa V.O., Pribytkov Ju.B., Ivahnov V.Ju., Kopylov S.I. Conceptual and methodological justification of humanitarian expertise of technological projects


Pribytkov Ju.B. Youth policy in forming participatory culture


Csilla JANDALA, Tibor SÁNDOR. Urban planning and tourism development in Budapest

Sergey Ilkevich. Nordic Symposia of Tourism and Hospitality Research as a network for Russian-European academic cooperation development

Vadim Kortunov. Protestant Project: Five Hundred Years Later



Service plus 2017 № 3



Pendyurin E.A., Khar’kovskaya E.V.,  Beletskaya E.A. Research of water and recreational resources of Belgorod region with the purpose of developing a new tour product

Karpova G.A., Pesotskaya E.V., Tkachev V.A., Tourist information centers and their role in enhancing the competitiveness of tourism clusters

Moskaleva N.B., Babich A.M. Systematic approach to improving the service quality of tourists’ transportation with motor transport

Ryabova T.V., Ertman E.V., Free independent tourism as a tool of personal inculturation


Kostovarova A.S., Changing approaches to the methodology of comprehensive analysis of banking services in the current economic conditions

Arakelyan A. M., State Support mechanisms of the Film Industry in the Russian Federation on the International Experience Basis


Ermilova D. Yu., Soviet constructivism as a creative concept in the design of the XX century

Pokrovskaya E.M., Raitina M.Yu., Ilyukhina G. I., Cross-cultural communication in the context of creative self-realilization of personality

Il’in V. V., Mamedov A. A., Biryukova E. A., Myllarinen E. A., Platonov V. V., The human need for recognition of meanings in the communicative environment

Pivoev V.M., Two souls, two subjects: are the interests of body and soul the same?


Kupriyanova S.O. The practice of lulling in contemporary urban culture: parental folklore and children’s needs

Ivleva M.V. On the essential characteristics of the phenomenon of giftedness




Service plus 2017 № 2


Loginova N.Yu., Kostovarova V.I., Chudaikina G.M. Seaside recreation area of the United Kingdom: retrospective and trends

Ermakova E.E. Stages of the ethnographic route design: development of trips to Komi-Zyryans of Tyumen region

Yudina E.V., Ukhina T.V. Problems and prospects of spatial development of the Russian Federation

Ukhina T.V., Shabakov A.A., Snegova K.V., Kul’beikin A.S. Travel agencies in competition with modern online-booking services


Gladkova V.E., Repkina O.B. Innovations in the financial management system

Pronkina A.V. Professional aspects functionality of cosmetic practices transformation the body in modern Russian culture


Silaeva A.A. Features of property insurance for small businesses: the interaction between the insurant and the insurer


Gerasimova I.A., Ivakhnov V.Yu. The problem of preservation of cultural identity in conditions of globalization

Bugrova V.R., Makarova A.I., Maksimova E.V., Lykasova L.G. Functions of social entrepreneurship in the context of globalization: theory and practice

Lavrenchenko S.A., Gorshkova L.V., Lao Sh.S. Antagonistic log-pairs in the Social Sciences and the Humanities

Il’in V.V., Mamedov A., Biryukova E.A., Myullyarinen E.A., Platonov V.V. Structure of the hermeneutical act: gnoseological aspect



Service plus 2017 № 1



Krivosheeva T.A., Kuntsevich E.A. Programs of adaptive tourism as a technology of inclusion of disabled children into society

Keshchyan N.A., Balabanova A.O. Regional management of development of rural tourism in the Krasnodar region

Burov A.N., Buletova N.E., Kopylov S.I., Sharkevich I.V. Service economy and its role in the post-industrial development by the results of structural analysis


Zorina N.M., Kireenkova Z.A., Krasnova O.N. Issues of peculiarities of political discourse in contemporary Russia

Lapshin I.E., Usatov A.N. Anthropology of St. Augustine in De cura pro mortuis gerenda

Voevodin A.F. The border between public and private: what the Caesar should not enter into

Ivanov A.V., Sheleketa V.O., Ivakhnov V. Yu. Problem of self-injurious behavior in the context of the conjugation of the discourses of clinical psychology and the philosophy of existentialism


Kortunov V.V. Study of irrational systems by extending the logical-mathematical apparatus

Vakarev A.A., Lomakin A.A. System of service in emergency management in contemporary Russia


Kortunov V.V. Manual “Hotel management” edited by A.A. Fedulin


Fedulin A. A., Krivosheeva T. M. Scientific and practical bases of implementation of the project “Russian hospitality”


The winners of the international competition “Tourism brand: the best practices – 2016”


Service plus 2016 № 4



Bondarenko A. P. Problem of import substitution in tourism: informational aspect

Yakunin V.N., Ovsyannikov V.P. Prospects of “Import Substitution” in the tourist industry


Topol’nik V.G. Substantiation of the indicators system of the quality of hotel sports and recreational services

Lavrenchenko S.A., Zgonnik L.V., Gladskaya I.G. Statistical approaches to service quality management


Ermilova D.Yu. Relevant methods in costume design in the context of the culture of Postmodern

Dmitrieva I.S., Kopylov S.I., Pribytkov Ju.B., Sheleketa V.O. Corporate culture of the organization and improvement of the service quality in the conditions of society transformation (on the example of University activities)

Krasil’nikova S.V. Development of merchant business on the Russian North in XVIII century in aspect of the idea of poverty (based on the historical prose)

Prokhorov M.F. Literary places of Kuntsevo in the 20-30s of XX century


Wiegel N. L. People and challenges of globalization