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Specialist in the sphere of aesthetics, social philosophy and cultural studies; PhD in philosophy, Professor.

Kortunov Vadim V. is a member of the Russian Academy of natural Sciences, International Academy of Sciences on nature and society, Honorary worker of higher education of the Russian Federation, member of the Union of Writers and the Literary Fund of Russia. The winner of the competition of young scientists of International Fund named after Kondratyev N. D. and the Russian Academy of Sciences. Decorated for his contribution to the development of social sciences. Editor-in-chief of the scientific journal “SERVICE plus”.


Srudied at the school of Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory, incomplete higher musical education in music. Served in army. Graduated from faculty of philosophy of Moscow State University (1992), the State Financial Academy (1995) and got a PhD grade at the Moscow State University of Service (1995).

1993-1995 — lecturer at the Department of Philosophy of Moscow State University of Service;

1995-2006 — Professor of M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Gnessin Russian Academy of Music, Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Moscow Institute of Economics and Statistics, Moscow State University of Service, etc.;

Since 1995 — senior lecturer, Associate Professor in Department of Culturology, Professor of Department of Management in film and television, Director of Humanitarian center in State University of Management;

1998-2002 — Co-owner, Director of Publishing center of research and training programs;

2002-2004 — Creative Director of the program “New educational technologies in Russia” at Soros Foundation, Open Society Institute;

2005-2012 – Professor of Department of Management in film and television, State University of management, Deputy Director of the Institute of management and entrepreneurship in social sphere SUM.

Currently — Head of Department of Philosophy and Socio-Humanities, Russian state University of tourism and service. Editor-in-chief of scientific journal “SERVICE plus”.

Candidate dissertation: “Aesthetic Phenomenon in the system of irrational knowledge” (1995). Doctoral dissertation — “Rational and Irrational in culture-historical types of Outlook” (1999).

Research spheres

In his philosophical studies K. justifies the richness and universality of the category of “irrational”, revealing its meaning and the ability to reflect real processes in human life on the existential, social and cosmic level. Analyzing the metaphysical sense of the irrational and the phenomenon of religious and aesthetic feeling, forming the basis of irrational world model, K. concludes that their role and importance are determined not only by the factors of the spiritual life (it is impossible to analyze artistic creativity, religious culture and moral and ethical actions having irrational ideas ignored), but also by the ontological and epistemological factors (irrationality is inherent to life itself taken in its unlimited integrity; without irrational abilities human perception and understanding would be impossible). The irrationalism is inherent in human nature on the psycho-physical level in the form of a specific structure of the cerebral hemispheres, one of which is responsible for logical, analytical (rational) consciousness, the other is artistic and imaginative, heuristic (irrational). Human activity (on a personal, national and universal levels) is reflected in the civilizational dimension in which the most convex become dominant utilitarian-pragmatic, rational motives (applied science, economic activity, domain-empirical construction), and in the cultural-ideological dimension, which is based on the value of psychological, emotional, largely irrational (religious and aesthetic experience, ethical and axiological principles). Finally, in the context of historical and cultural interaction between East and West rationalism and irrationalism are the substantial basis of two global types of worldview, two value systems, two geo-cultural traditions. The main content of the works of K. is devoted to the identification of the basic principles of the scientific-rational and irrational-mystical worldview; the socio-cultural study of the origins and worldview of the results of the monetary and economic value systems in the context of the evolution of the rationalist model of the world; the discovery of axiological and Gnostic sense of aesthetic and religious experiences as essential elements of an irrational world that building a perfect model of organic picture of the world on the basis of religious and aesthetic experience of Russia.


Truth in Art: Russian Mysticism in the System of Philosophies of East and West. — M., 1992;

Illusion of Possession. — M., 1995;

Philosophy of Money. — M., 1997;

Training Manual for Cultural Studies. — M., 1997;

Ascent into Inconceivable: an Irrational and Mystical at National Art Cultures. — M., 1998;

Beyond Rational. — M., 1998;

Prolegomena to Methodology of Verification of Irrational Systems. – M., 1999;

Simulation of Common Sense. – M., 2001;

Escape from Reality (Or Downside Telecommunication Technologies), Moscow, 2003;

Games of the Doomed: Virtual Experience of Deconstruction. – M., 2016.

Lessons by Philosophy (audiobook). – M., 2017.

Sanity. Mind. Spirit. – M., 2017.